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Rohit still focus on playing and winning t20 World Cup

The past month and a half have been tough for Rohit Sharma. First, he had to deal with the heartbreak of losing the World Cup final, and then he lost his captaincy for the Mumbai Indians. People are talking about him making a comeback as the captain for India in T20Is, but he hasn’t played in that format since the T20 World Cup semi-final loss in 2022.

Now, as he gets ready for the Test series in South Africa, people are curious about his T20 World Cup plans. Rohit didn’t give a clear answer, saying we’ll find out in good time.

When asked if the Tests in South Africa and the T20 World Cup could help heal the wounds from the ODI World Cup loss, Rohit emphasized the importance of winning in South Africa for everyone, not just the senior players.

On the topic of the T20 World Cup, Rohit said everyone is desperate to play and do well in cricket. When asked about the captaincy situation, he didn’t give a straight answer but hinted at a comeback.

Regarding his role as a batter and captain in the next six months, Rohit focused on his batting and said he’ll play whatever comes his way.

While the T20 World Cup is still some time away, India’s focus is on the upcoming series in South Africa. Rohit talked about moving on from the World Cup loss and finding strength to look forward. He acknowledged the difficulty of the loss but emphasized the encouragement from the outside world, which motivated him to get back on track.

Can a series win in South Africa help heal the wounds? Rohit believes it would be significant, considering the history and hard work put in by the team. Although he’s not sure if it can replace the World Cup, he sees it as a big achievement. The team is determined to play carefree cricket and focus on the present without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

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