Asia Cup

Live match. Pakistan vs India. Asia Cup 2023

Earlier before the high voltage match of India vs Pakistan the rain and clouds were playing with the feelings of the fans around the globe and the match was delayed due to the dazzling but thanks to GOD the rain did not continue for long and we see the whole 50 overs of the first inning.

Shahenn Afridi strikes early in the match and take two crucial wickets. After four early wickets loss, Inida are stable now.

India is at 185/4 after 35.4 overs.

Kishan and Hardik on the crease.

After 36 overs India at 187/4 – Kishan at 75 on 77 deliveries and Hardik at 56 on 70 deliveries.

After 15 overs Indian team winning probability was 15% and now after 36 overs the winning probability is 48%.

Nawaz to bowl from the other end.

36.1. 4 runs by Kishan

36.2. 1 run by Kishan

36.3. 6 runs. very fruitful over for India. 11 so far on just 3 deliveries.

36.4. 2 runs by Hardik

36.5. 1 run by Hardik

36.6. 2 run

After 37 over 204/4. 17 runs in the last 36th over. Nawaz gave 55 runs in 7 overs

Haris Rauf from the other end. He is bowling his 7th over. till now conceded 40 runs in 6 overs.

37.1/ 0 runs

37.2/ 1r uns

37.3/ wicket of Kishan by Rauf. Very good short ball by Rauf and Kishan uplift the delivery and an easy catch by Babar Azam.

India now 5 lost at 204 runs after 37.3 overs. Kishan made 82 on 81 deliveries

Rauf got three wickets in his 6.3 overs.

Jadega at no 7. He will face the Rauf.

37.4/ dot ball

37.5/ dot ball with 145K speed. an appeal from Rauf but not out by Umpire

37.6/ another dot ball. very good over by Rauf. Just one run and a wicket of Kishan.

India 204/5 after 38 overs.

Shadab to continue his 8th over. 5 runs from Shadab 8th over.

India now 209/8 after 39 overs

Rauf to continue his 8th over.

39.1/ 4 runs by Hardik

39.2/ 4 more runs. two consecutive four on two deliveries

39.3/ dot ball. Short ball and Hardik just leave that to the keeper.

39.4/ another 4 runs. Short ball by Rauf and Hardik another 4.

39.5/ dot ball

39.6/ another dot ball.

12 from the 40th over. India now 221/5 after 40 overs. Runrate is 5.5 which is very good. Live match of Asia Cup 2023 between Pak vs India

Projected total is now 320-340 runs.

Naseem shah to contine from the other end. He gave 20 runs in his first 5 overs.

40.1/ dot ball

40.2/ 2 runs.

40.3/ dot ball

40.4/ 1 run

40.5/ 1 run

40.6/ dot ball

India now 226/5 after 41 overs . Naseem shah 6 overs 24 runs

India was once hoping for the 320 or 330 but after the loss of Kishan and Hardik they kept loosing wickets and all out on 266 runs.

They set a target of 267 for Pakistan

There is break in the inning, lets see how Pakistani batters will behave this chase.

Shaheen Shah Afridi is the man of the hour, he got four crucial wickets. Tow of the top order Rohit and Kohli.

He said, “It was their plan to strike with the new ball. Mentions that the wickets of Rohit and Virat were crucial. Further said, every batter is crucial for him but he liked Rohit’s wicket more. Furhter said plan by the pacers worked. Feels that the new ball will swing but once the ball stops swinging, it was easier for the batter to bat.

We will return after some time for the chase. You can have your snack time till then.

At 8:30 PM, unfortunately, light rain continues to fall. Many are now pondering revised target scenarios due to the likelihood of losing overs. Here are some estimates to provide you with an idea: If we have 45 overs, the target will be set at 254; with 40 overs, it’ll be 239; for 30 overs, the target becomes 203, and if we’re down to just 20 overs, the target reduces to 155.

At 8:14 PM, we were supposed to commence the chase, but rain persists in Pallekele, delaying the start. While not official, our calculations suggest that we might begin losing overs after 8:21 PM. This assessment is based on losing 53 minutes to two rain interruptions during the first innings, and typically, there’s a one-hour buffer. We’ve observed Rahul Dravid, presumably receiving the DLS sheet from the match referee, Javagal Srinath.

Handshakes are exchanged all around, signaling one inevitable outcome: the rain has emerged victorious, and both teams will share the points. Now, I’ll pass the mic over to Hemant Brar to handle the concluding formalities.

Thats the end this high voltage match is ended without any result.

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