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David Warner says goodbye to test cricket

On Saturday, David Warner bid farewell to his illustrious Test career at his home ground after participating in 112 Tests. The conclusion of this remarkable journey was marked by an impressive eight-wicket victory against Pakistan, resulting in a 3-0 series sweep. In a heartfelt post-match interview with the host broadcaster, Warner reflected on his Test career, the future of Australian Tests on television, the integral role played by his family, and his desired legacy.

Expressing his emotions, Warner stated, “It’s truly a dream come true to conclude with a 3-0 victory and cap off an exceptional 18 months to two years for the Australian cricket team. From the World Test Championship win to the Ashes series draw, followed by the World Cup triumph, and now finishing with a 3-0 series win, it’s an outstanding achievement, and I am proud to be a part of this talented group of cricketers.”

Acknowledging the hard work put in by his teammates, he commended the dedication of the “engine room” comprising the three key fast bowlers along with Mitchell Marsh. Warner highlighted their tireless efforts in the nets and gym, giving credit to the physios and support staff for ensuring the players stayed fit and performed at their best.

Reflecting on the morning of his retirement, Warner shared, “Just a leisurely walk to the local cafe for a cup of coffee with my young one. I hopped into the car with a wine or two—although I probably shouldn’t say that too loudly to avoid trouble. I felt a deep sense of happiness and pride. Performing in front of my home crowd, who have supported me and the Australian cricket team throughout my decade-long career, is truly special. I can’t thank them enough, as without their unwavering support, we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do.”

Acknowledging the entertainment aspect of cricket, Warner expressed his joy in showcasing his skills on the field. From his T20 roots to his unique style of play, he emphasized his commitment to entertaining the audience. “I started with T20 international cricket and attempted to bring that flair to Test cricket. I played my shots, stayed true to my style, and managed to secure a victory, which is immensely gratifying,” he added with a smile.

A significant aspect of my life revolves around the unwavering support of those who have been there for me. I am indebted to my parents for providing me with a beautiful and nurturing upbringing. Following in the footsteps of my brother Steve was a crucial influence, shaping my journey. Then, along came [my wife] Candice, who played a pivotal role in keeping me on the right path. Our family is a source of immense joy, and I cherish every moment spent with them. Their love means the world to me, and I am hesitant to dwell on it further as it might stir deep emotions. But, Candice, your contributions are sincerely appreciated, and you hold a special place in my heart.

Reflecting on the prospect of watching the team in their next Test series in the Caribbean without actively participating, I anticipate it will be an emotional experience. However, I have full confidence in this exceptional group of cricketers. Despite our ages all hovering around 30, this team is filled with energy, world-class talent, and camaraderie.

When considering how I would like to be remembered, I aspire to be recalled as an exciting and entertaining player. My hope is that I brought smiles to everyone’s faces through my style of play, and I would love for the younger generation to be inspired to follow in my footsteps—from white-ball cricket to the pinnacle of our sport, Test cricket. It’s essential to continue working hard to excel in red-ball cricket, as it, too, holds its own charm and entertainment value.

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