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India level the T20 series against West Indies by winning the 4th T20 match

India’s remarkable chase of 179 for 1 (with Jaiswal scoring 84* and Gill making 77) against West Indies’ total of 178 for 8 (led by Hetmyer’s 61 and Hope’s 45, with Arshdeep taking 3-38 and Kuldeep securing 2-26) resulted in a resounding nine-wicket victory.

Shubman Gill’s standout year and Yashasvi Jaiswal’s promising introduction to international cricket combined forces to achieve what no previous team had managed in 15 T20Is at Lauderhill, Florida—successfully chasing a score surpassing 95.

Gill and Jaiswal displayed a glimpse of India’s future by constructing a monumental 165-run opening partnership, which equaled the highest opening partnership record for India in T20Is. Their efforts led India to chase down 179 and level the series 2-2 against West Indies, with one match remaining in the five-game series. West Indies had set a target of 178 with the help of Shimron Hetmyer’s impactful 61.

Gill and Jaiswal Dominate

Despite West Indies holding onto a glimmer of hope for sealing the series with one game to spare, India’s young talents held their own. Jaiswal initiated the chase with two fours in the opening over, followed by a lofted shot over mid-off. Gill showcased his signature short-arm jab, propelling McCoy’s delivery over deep midwicket.

Jaiswal’s consecutive fours off Shepherd and Gill’s attack on Odean Smith in the final powerplay over set India on a commanding trajectory, reaching 66 for 0.

Gill and Jaiswal’s dominance continued beyond the powerplay, with only two non-boundary overs in the phase before their partnership was disrupted. Gill secured his second fifty-plus score in T20Is, while Jaiswal marked his maiden half-century in only his second match. Their extraordinary partnership matched Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul’s record for India’s highest opening partnership before Gill departed, caught out by deep midwicket.

Jaiswal, accompanied by Tilak Varma, navigated India smoothly to keep the series alive.

Familiar Beginnings for West Indies

Opting to bat first on a sunlit morning, West Indies’ decision faltered on the flat surface of the first of two consecutive T20Is in Florida. Kyle Mayers initially struck a couple of fours and a maximum but was dismissed by Arshdeep Singh soon after. Brandon King added positivity to West Indies’ batting, but his dismissal by Arshdeep, following a boundary, hindered the team’s progress.

As Kuldeep Yadav claimed two wickets in his opening over, including dismissing Nicholas Pooran with a miscued shot caught at long-on from his very first ball of the match, it appeared that West Indies might once more fall short of expectations. This followed a vigorous start in the initial six overs, during which they accumulated 55 runs for the loss of two wickets.

West Indies propelled forward by Hope and Hetmyer’s dynamic partnership

Shai Hope, making his return to T20I cricket after March 2022, took the reins following Johnson Charles’ underwhelming performances of 3, 2, and 12 in the initial three matches. Employing nimble footwork, Hope aggressively engaged both Axar and Chahal. Conversely, West Indies suffered a setback as they lost three wickets for a mere three runs, transitioning from 54 for 1 to a precarious 57 for 4, just as Hetmyer joined forces with Hope.

Subsequent to a couple of muted overs, Hope burst through the restraints by striking Chahal for a boundary and a six in the tenth over. Soon after, Hetmyer ignited a flurry of boundaries, first elegantly flicking Kuldeep over midwicket. He warmly welcomed Hardik Pandya into the bowling attack by consecutively launching a six and a four. The duo seamlessly crafted a partnership, accumulating 49 runs from a mere 36 balls for the fifth wicket, until Hope’s innings concluded as he was caught out at long-on.

Shifting gears, Hetmyer showcased his versatility by scooping Mukesh Kumar for a daring six over short fine leg. He subsequently unleashed his power, dispatching Kuldeep over extra cover. In a remarkable display of strength, he sent Arshdeep’s delivery sailing into the deep midwicket stands. However, Hetmyer’s exhilarating innings came to an end as he fell victim to Arshdeep, with Tilak Varma contributing to the dismissal through an agile and daring catch. Varma, charging in from long-on, dove forward to secure the catch, marking Arshdeep’s third wicket of the match.

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