World Cup 2023

Champions of the ODI World Cup 2023 to Pocket $4 Million in Prize Winnings

Just like in 2019, this year’s ODI World Cup 2023 Champions will pocket a hefty $4 million in prize money. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has earmarked a total of $10 million for this tournament, slated to commence on October 5th in Ahmedabad.

The runner-up will receive a substantial $2 million, while those teams who fall short in the semi-finals won’t be left empty-handed, as they will each walk away with a respectable $800,000.

For the remaining six teams, their journey will conclude after the group stages, but they won’t leave empty-handed either, securing $100,000 each. This ensures that all World Cup participants are guaranteed this sum of money. Additionally, the winner of each league match will take home a reliable $40,000.

AchievementPrize Money
Losing Semi-finalists$800,000
Teams not progressing$100,000 (each)
Group Stage Match Win$40,000 (each)

India secured their spot as hosts, while New Zealand, England, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, Afghanistan, and South Africa advanced from the 2020-23 ODI Super League. Sri Lanka and the Netherlands earned their places through the qualifying tournament held in June and July 2023.

This World Cup follows a straightforward round-robin format, where every team faces off against one another in 45 league matches. The top four teams will earn a spot in the semi-finals, scheduled for November 15th in Mumbai and November 16th in Kolkata. These crucial matches, as well as the final, will have reserve days to ensure fair play.

The defending champions, England, and the 2019 runner-up, New Zealand, will kick off the competition in just two weeks. The host nation, India, will commence their campaign against five-time champions Australia on October 8th, building up to the group stage’s headline clash with Pakistan on October 14th. With matches spanning 46 days and taking place in 10 different cities, the tournament will reach its pinnacle on November 19th with the final showdown in Ahmedabad.

The recent decision by the ICC to offer equal prize money for both men’s and women’s events sets an important precedent for the upcoming Women’s World Cup in 2025.

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